The art of hand weaving is an ancestral technique that has been kept alive from generation to generation, but unfortunately has been lost over the years.

In order to preserve this cultural heritage for future generations, we strive to inform the world about the processes involved in the elaboration of our products. This with the objective of creating awareness in humanity about the value, effort and dedication of handmade products.

That is why we want you to meet some of our artisans who every day leave a piece of their legacy and their heart in each of the hats they weave.

Alfonso Uc Chi

ALFONSO is a 94-year-old artisan who lives in Becal, Campeche. A small town in southeastern Mexico. The door of his house is always open and he loves to receive visitors and chat while he spends his time weaving his hats. One of the most curious things about ALFONSO is that he has 6 toes instead of 5 on his right foot, something ALFONSO proudly shows off to anyone he meets.

86 years of his life weaving, his love for his work and his charisma make ALFONSO a very loved and well known person in his town.

María Candelaria Uc Uc

MARIA is a 73 year old artisan who lives with her family in Becal, Campeche. She is dedicated to helping people with her healing massages and loves to take care of her grandchildren. MARIA, like many other artisans made her own cave in the backyard of her house, where she weaves hats in her free time.

MARIA has a plant in her backyard called "Achiote" which she uses to naturally dye her hats. This greatly reduces damage to the environment and gives the hats a unique color.

Lázaro González Chi

LAZARO is a 73-year-old artisan who lives in Becal, Campeche. A small town in the southeast of Mexico along with his whole family. He learned to weave hats thanks to his wife "MARIA CANDELARIA" 40 years ago. He is currently a cab driver but loves to weave hats in his spare time. The years have made him an excellent weaver. LAZARO is able to finish a hat that normally takes 3 days in less than 1 day.

ALFONSO, MARIA AND LAZARO are grateful to you for valuing their work and traditional 100% handmade products.