General care for all hats:

- Do not leave your hat in a confined space exposed to heat and humidity, this prevents shrinkage and distortion of shape and color.

- Never forget your hat/cap/bucket inside a vehicle, as this will cause the shape and color to be distorted and may cause it to shrink.

- Never grab your hat by the top (always by the brim). This prevents breakage and keeps the hat clean of oils and dirt.

- Remove dirt from the surface of the crown by removing loose dust with a light-colored brush, then use a clean, damp cloth and gently rub counterclockwise toward the back.

- Never rest a hat on its brim/flat. Lay the hat upside down on a clean, flat surface to prevent the brim from warping or flattening.

- Spray every two months with water to maintain moisture and add durability to the hat. When not wearing it, do not let the hat come into direct contact with the sun, as this can cause the hat to dry out, lose color and durability.

- Do not let your hat come into direct contact with water, materials made of natural fibers lose hardness, shape and color when coming into direct contact with water.

- If your wool hat gets stained, you can reduce or remove the stain completely with water sandpaper by gently rubbing on the part where you want to remove the stain (It is very possible that the stain will not be removed completely, but this is the best way to keep it clean)

- If the brim of your flat hat becomes deformed, it is possible to flatten it again using a steam iron following the following steps:

1. Place your hat on a flat, clean surface.
2. Place your hat on a smooth fabric that can absorb moisture without staining the hat, this can be a canvas or clean flannel.
3. Cover the brim of the hat with a smooth fabric that can absorb moisture without staining the hat, such as canvas or clean flannel.
4. Slowly pass the steam iron as many times as necessary over the wing and the area you want to flatten.
5. Once the brim is flattened, place heavy things over the entire brim of the hat and leave it there for at least 1 hour so the brim stays flat once it cools.