Shipping Policies

1. Coverage

1.1 Our shipping service is available in Mexico, the United States & Canada. In case of requiring a shipment to another country, the order is made directly via email to or via direct message.

2. Pricing policies

2.1 The shipping price to all of Mexico depends on the selected package, shipping address, dimensions and weight of the purchase.

3. Deliveries and Parcels

3.1 All purchase orders made through the website will be delivered by parcel and courier companies other than P'OOK Hats.

3.2 The delivery of the product will be made at the address indicated by the user in the account portal or at a different address provided by the user, which must be done at the time of confirming the order.

3.3 In the event that the package does not reach the requested location, the package will be deposited at the nearest parcel branch with service to occur.

3. 4 In the event that no one is found to receive the package at the address provided on the first or second visit, the package will be deposited at the nearest branch and will be left there for three business days, in case of no be claimed, it will be returned to the P'OOK Hats warehouse and the customer must pay the cost of the return.

3.5 Deliveries of products will be made only on business days and may take up to 10 business days in some cases.

4. Delivery times (2 to 10 business days)

4.1 The delivery time will be from 2 to 10 business days, counted from the receipt of the full amount of the purchase. The estimated delivery time depends on the package and service selected at the time of purchase.

4.2 Orders placed after 1:00 pm will ship until the next day.

In the event of any disagreement, you must express it at that time and you must contact the P'OOK Hats customer service to clarify said circumstance.

All products will be packed at no extra cost.

5. Purchase Order Processing

5. 1 Within a maximum period of 48 hours after your online purchase, you will receive an email with the guide number so that you can track the product. This policy does not apply to bridge days, holidays, good ends and other non-working days.

5.2 At the time of receiving the product at the indicated address, the user is obliged to review the product. In the event of any damage, the user must notify it within 14 days to the email or to the contact numbers provided on the web platform or Terms and Conditions.

Was your order not complete or did you receive something wrong? Please visit our Return Policies.

Any type of clarification, report or doubt regarding the shipping service please write to: